A unique project on the eastern coast of Istria

Price: 190.000eur

Technical Data
Surface 727 sq.m (object), 1446 sq.m (lot)
Village / area Kavran
City / Municipality Marčana
Type House
Purpose Residential
Property T.F.1 Kavran / T.F.

Project villa KAVRAN is provided by joint-stock company Terra Firme, which is a 100% owner of the T.F.1. Kavran Ltd. company, the owner of the real-estate. Project Kavran school is an exceptional investment opportunity, at an exceptional location with a possibility of functioning as an exclusive tourist object all year round. For this purpose it is necessary to adjust building materials and select a target group. This whole project, with its location, size and capacity, stands out as a unique real estate in the area of Istria and Kvarner.

Our interest is to find the majority shareholder (100%) of the company T.F.1.KAVRAN and its overall estate. 100% of business share of the company T.F.1. KAVRAN Ltd. is for sale. The estate of the company comprises of: land, project documentation according to the existing project and paid charges for a building permit.

The investor will be, at their request, offered a possibility for co-operation with the present expert assistants.
There is a possibility of connecting public telecommunications, energy grid and water supply network.
Technical Description
Size 1446 m2 of building land
Net usable area of 727 m2 facility
Gross surface area of 973 m2
Outdoor swimming pool 68 m2
Height of the building: the basement, ground floor, first floor, second floor
Capacity: 12/13 people
Number of rooms: 6 (6 bathrooms)